Smooth Jazz 24'7
Channel Director: Jimi King
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        Welcome to Smooth Jazz 24/7 Keeping the Smooth Jazz Flowing

        Welcome to Smooth Jazz 24/7

        Welcome to Smooth Jazz 247 (That's Smooth Jazz Twenty Four Seven), where we hope you'll find the answer to your dreams if you are a smooth jazz fan, because we broadcast smooth jazz radio, just like it used to be.

        Our mission is to keep the smooth jazz flowing, 24 hours a day. And we hope to bring a smile to your face whatever time of day you tune in. Consider us your local smooth jazz station, wherever you are.

        With the years of experience gained from running the World's biggest smooth jazz Internet station to help us along, we hope that you'll find the music on Smooth Jazz 247 to be just what you've been looking for.Although we launched this venture with the USA in mind, we also have an ever growing number of listeners tuning in from other countries too.